Well, thanks for clicking in to read our newest blog.  It will be 2 years in July since we closed our picture framing and photography studio to hit the road in our RV.  We took a year and a bit off from photography for personal reasons.  The loss of a child puts things of importance into perspective.  Family first, then our needs.  Days come and go, thoughts of what was invade, feelings of loss encroaches.   The art of creativity takes its toll when the mind is preoccupied with other thoughts.  We are still working our way back bit by bit, but as with all things time heals us slowly.  Our daughter Hayley would want us to get back doing what we enjoyed.  So, we have spent time redesigning how we could reintroduce not only ourselves back into the industry but our photography back into our journey.  RV Art 2 Go is our newest creation.

This year after Mercedes, Texas we were looking forward to our first big photography shoot.  Months of planning to travel across the lower west side of the United States of America to New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.  These were prime shooting locations with some of the most exquisite landscapes, plant life and so much more.

Then came February and with it the COVID-19 virus.  We waited in Mercedes until March with fingers crossed that it would change but that was not the case.   It was very disheartening when we started calling to cancel our reservations.  As it turned out we lost are opportunity to travel west and ended up returning to Canada at the beginning of April.  As May arrived we realized the situation in the USA was not getting any better.  Being full-time time RV’ers we needed to turn our attention to finding a wintertime location.  We needed to take a hard look at our situation and our timeline was getting short even though it’s only May, we needed to make a decision very soon.  If the border stays closed we need a place to stay and leaving it to the last moment was not in our best interest.

So, at the end of May beginning of June, with the border still closed and the situation in the USA with the virus spreading we had to speculate whether or not a trip back down to Mercedes, Texas was even going to happen.  If we waited, we might not be able to get accommodations, and what we were looking for is preferably somewhere warm.  So we set our sites on Victoria, British Columbia, the warmest province in Canada.  Our early decision to start looking in May was based on the fact that thousands of other snowbirds could be looking for accommodations for six months as well.  It’s a good thing that we did.

By the time we started our selection looking for a six month period, it became apparent that the available selection for condo rentals for that time frame were being quickly booked up.  It goes without saying Victoria is a very expensive place to rent in.  We set our budget and started looking for a place that fit what we needed.  But what was available in our budget was diminishing quickly.  This is just speculation, but we could see that in the late month of May into the early month of June there was a change.  What started out as a plentiful rental market changed quite quickly in the span of 4 weeks.

Could it have been that for many Canadian winter snow birds the thought of return to a southern retreat may not be a wise choice.  I think that may have been the catalyst to why properties were quickly getting snapped up.  The hardest part was finding a rental property that allowed for a 6 month booking.  The majority of available properties had bookings right in the middle or at the start of our proposed dates to many months with breaks in-between.  That would have us staying 2 or 4 weeks in one place then move again.  NO THANKS!   By the 2nd week of June we had only a few prospects out to variety of properties, and finally by the 3rd week of June we where finally able book a great location in downtown Victoria British Columbia, for 6 months, and by that time the properties within our budget needless to say the selection of inventory was very low.  So we definitely consider ourselves lucky.

Now there is the silver lining in all of this chaos.  Even though we will be missing out on our dream US photography shoot, we now have the opportunity to shoot one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces.  The planning for this photography trip starts August.  That’s when Karen and I put our suggestions on the table for each of us to review.  This is going to be a long and arduous process.  There are so many places to see out west.  Including the drive out which could consume a ton of our time.  Timing to drive out will be tight, so road trip photography stops will have to be very short.  I can see at this point there will be more opportunity and time for short photography stops on our trip back at the end of April.

We hope to be on the road by November 1 if not sooner.  We won’t be rushing across Canada but time is a factor.  Most importantly we will be taking our time, especially driving through the mountains, stopping periodically for a quick photo opt, but keeping an eye on the weather.  So, if anyone reading this has made the trip through the mountains during the end of October beginning of November please feel free to write in the comment space below, we would love to hear from you.

Also, if there is anyone who has some travel tips like places to see let us know below.  We look forward to hearing about your trip out west and you never know, we may select one of our photography shoots from your trip out west.  You may see the location that you visited and talked about in the comment section below and hear your name as we thank you for your tip in one of our travel trip videos.

Now, I’m not saying for sure but there could be an opportunity to win a free photograph, by participating in our online travel trip contest.  More information should be available in September.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will join us on our journey out west.  Next Blog late August.

Cheers Karen and Rob at throughourlens.ca