This 2020 summer is almost one for the history books! And I have to admit it has flown by.  As for Karen and I, we are getting ready to start our journey out west.  Our first big decision was which route to take when we arrive at what we are calling “the great divide”. For us the great divide is at the Medicine Hat junction where we could take; BC-3 West or Trans-Canada Highway 1 North. We decided to take BC-3 West and head south to bypass the dreaded 543km (337miles) long stretch of the northern Trans-Canada Highway 1 known as the highway thru hell.

This highway runs North and South and takes you in and out of the southern tip of British Columbia also known as the Coquihalla Highway. Because we have never driven west at this time of the year our fingers are crossed that the most southern route will not present any heavy snow fall situations that may disrupt our travels.  We are to be in Victoria by November 1st to take possession of our condo rental / home for six months.  With our time frame to drive out west being so short we decided on our journey back to Ontario at the end of April we will take Trans-Canada Highway 1 and experience the infamous high thru hell and the many photography opportunities along that stretch of highway as we journey back home.

Now with our route selection behind us it was time to figure out how many hours a day will we drive.  This trip is so much different than what we are used to.  Generally, I could drive into the late evening hours and pull over anywhere with the motorhome.  But this time we are leaving the RV in Ontario.  There were too many negatives to driving the motorhome west for this run.  Honestly, we would have loved to have taken the RV out to the west coast.  Unfortunately, our motorhome does not have double pane windows which retains heat in the motorhome much better than single pane windows and heat retention is a necessity for the winter months

After what we experience with our propane cost during the cooler months when we arrived back in Canada in April much earlier than anticipated this year due to COVID-19.  We went through our 40-pound propane tank within 4 to 5 days.  The temperature would range between -4C to 12C. When we looked at the average temps in Victoria in January and February it was showing 2C to 10C.  Seeing similar temperatures we didn’t want to have to pay minimum $24.00 a week at Costco for propane which we figured would be inflated with being on the island, that along with monthly park fees (very expensive)

Truth be told we wanted to hang our hats in a larger space somewhere we could kick our feet up after long hikes in the mountains with a full size kitchen for Karen 😉 anything larger than what we have right now, a larger eating area, proper internet service without spotty reception and most importantly a bloody freakin bath-tub. So really it is about getting off the wheels and into a condo.

We’ve planned 7 days to make it to Victoria and with the fall season in full swing our days are getting shorter.  So we have decided that 7 to 12 hours a day of driving depending upon when we start out in the morning will work for a nice causal drive.  As long as the weather permits and we actually have FALL? like weather (fingers crossed) will allowing us some short photography stops on the way.

Our focus now is by the end of September when our blog comes out that Karen and I have worked out the particulars on the set up of a video live stream from the Jeep of our travels and we hope to connect with everyone in real time.  So, for the next month we (which really is me-LOL) will be looking into how we can rig up the jeep to do our live streaming.  So, stay tuned.  Fingers crossed T.O.L on the road will be live come this October.  Ciao for now talk to you again in September CHEERS from