So, here’s the thing this month’s blog is really all about change.

I don’t know about you but as soon as September arrives there is a certain feeling of change in the air.  I’ve always appreciated what fall brings. But I when I think back, way, way back to this time of the year, my thoughts are of the end of summer and the start of a new school year, new teachers some new students and new friends to meet.  The closing of the CNE one of the best summertime attractions when I was younger.   Memories of how the air gets cool and crisp and with that comes the most spectacular visual event of the year.  Mother nature shows us just how lucky we are to be alive.  It was four years ago when Karen and I headed up to Algonquin Park to photograph the fall leaves.  It was my first time in the park during this time of the year.  I have to say that camping in the park makes it so much easier to get to the amazing lookout points as apposed to coming up for the day.  Thank god we like to get an early start which was fine for us, catching that soft morning light is the best, along with a light covering of mist in the air just adds to the visual composition.   Like Dawns Light on the left and my Canoe On The River shot.  Generally we found that by the time the hard morning light was upon us the park was starting to fill up with day-pass fall leaf watchers.  So, for us it was back to the campsite hang out, bike ride some trials and wait until the second golden hour starting around 4pm.  By then the day-passers were leaving and we could get back to our lookout points for an outstanding sunset shoot.  That was an amazing trip with some breath taking and stunning views of the valley with the changing colours of the leaves when the light was just right.  Now as I look forward to our next adventure heading west, I look forward to seeing some breath-taking vistas.  Water falls with mountains as our backdrop.  Capturing mother nature at her best again but this time providing those of you that follow us a new perspective of seeing Victoria Island through our lens of the newest addition a DJI drone.  This was my big change for the fall.  I’m leaving behind my 5DmarkII camera and focusing on taking stills and video with our new drone.  I am amazed at the quality of images produced by this drone with an impressive 1-inch CMOS/sensor capturing every detail and a very effective 20 mega pixels of image data needed for post-production this little camera has it all.  Even though my 5D has a few more f-stops available to use, this little drone shoots in manual mode from f2.8 to f11.0 in a raw image format.  It’s really like having a camera with wings!  So, change has come again this fall for me, and I have that excitement back and butterflies of pure anxiousness in my gut as I look forward to watching mother nature do her thing and slowly bring about that change in season.  Karen and I will be posting on our Facebook page and our website about our FB live dates.  As with anything live from the road, we hope that our internet connection will be strong enough to provide an adequate upload speed for the FB live presentation.  Please head to our You Tube Channel and Subscribe to receive notifications of our newest videos from T.O.L On The Road and photo tips from our photography shoots on the island.  Talk to you soon from Victoria cheers from