So here we go our first vlog.  This vlog (link below) was shot a week and half ago.  Since then I have managed to catch a cold and cough.  Go figure!  Karen actually left Sarnia with a bad sinus infections but she is doing great now but it looks like I have finally succumb to the evils of germ city Texas.  I have “THE Texas Crud” not really but this a standing joke with my brother-in-law.  But all in all this adventure has really tested me, I have come to understand what full-time RVING is.  So for me adjusting to this is taking awhile.  I do love the freedom but living in a small space is what I need to adjust to.  We have been out to two different locations recently first to the small town of Sebastian and more recently to South Padre Island.  Video for both will be coming soon in between and coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose lol.  I have to say that South Padre Island is a photographers dream location we ventured up there for the annual SPI Kite Fest – Outdoor Kite Festival.  That was an amazing sight to see.  Participants came from all over the US and Canada.  It was amazing to watch as these professionals maneuvered their kites to music.  It was a ballet of kite movement to music truly an outstanding moment to watch.  To produce these moves there are can be 1 soloist kiting or as many as 5,8 or more.   I witness one event where there was quad-line mega flight happening and I was lucky enough to video the event.  These are the moments that make full-time RVING a thing to cherish.  We are heading back to South Padre Island after we leave Mercedes Texas for a short stay looking forward to getting out and shooting a sunrise looking over The Gulf of Mexico then turn around later that day and set my sights west for a sunset.  So yea full-time RVING, it has its benefits and my journey continues.  Hope you in enjoy the vlog.  Keep in touch with us by using the comment links all the best from Mercedes Texas. So click on the T.O.L vlog link below or leave us a comment all the best.