So why do you edit an image?  There are many different reasons why and I’m not really going to get into the whole reasoning behind it and that’s because each photographer has there own editing process and the tools they use to help tell the story of that shot or photograph.

So when does the editing process begin for me?  For me personally as soon as I look into the viewfinder of my camera and I have the subject of what I’m about to shoot in the cross hairs of the grid in my viewer.  That’s when I’m thinking about what to keep in this shot, what is import to the story I want to tell.  Editing of an image is the second half of the creative process for me.  Using the editing tools in my photography software helps me shape and compose the story I want to tell of the shot or photograph. I’m going to try and explain what that means to me personal that each photograph I take I want it to tell a story.  The best way I can explain what I mean, I’m going to convey a personal experience in the hope that this will help.

Karen and I travelled up to the Bruce Peninsula while back.  During one of our photo outings I came across a variety of mushrooms on the ground.  The tops had a unique colour to them and that’s what caught my eye and made me stop.  When I bent down to get a closer look I was amazed at the amount of detail on the underside of the plant.  I spent the next 15 minutes figuring out how get this shot and waiting for the light to get into place.

But long story short, the overall story of the mushroom is the underside of this plant.  It was all about the defined straight lines coming up from the stem  creating the support for top of the mushroom.  The visual lines creating a natural symmetry on the underside of that plant, that was my focus that was the story I wanted to tell with that shot.  I hope that made sense to you.

So when I am editing I may use my editing software tools to enhance the ski, or increase the detail, create a glow or vignette to soften an image, convert an image into a black and white or even use layers to take my photography image to a new level of viewing  because for me that is what I felt was needed to complete the story I wanted to tell with that shot.  In closing editing for me allows me to be creative and get the most from my photographic work .

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Here are some samples of our photography in a slider presentation of Before and After.

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