I love photography! No, like I REALLY! love photography.  Capturing lifes moments at a 100th of a second its my new mantra for 2018.  For me it’s about the journey from my vehicle hiking along the trail to that special location where I can settle in for the day and do some photography with my wife Karen or other photographer friends.  I enjoy the hike up to any location to get that shot of a sunrise or sunset.  Or just sitting by a river bank taking long exposure images and taking in mother nature at her best.  As photographers we are constantly climbing or crouching on one or both knees to capture a moment.  We stretch our neck muscles left and right to capture that portrait shot.  It`s amazing that we don`t come home sore from all that activity.  Waaaait a minute I don’t know about you but I have! This is where my story starts.  It was 3 years ago during a photographic outing at Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada.  Karen and I finally found a week to take off to this beautiful park, amazing scenery!  

Truly a photographers dream to go out and shoot!  When we return to our camp and after consuming a ton of food, it was time to sit relax and take in the sounds of nature.  As I stood up and grabbed my beer next to me I felt you know a bit of tightness creeping around my waist, back and legs.  Well as I looked up at Karen I asked if she felt a little stiff as well “Yea a bit”, she said “guess that’s just what happens when you climb Lookout Trail”.  We laughed and just went about the business of enjoying our time at the fire as the night rolled in.  Now Lookout Trail is only a 1.9 km loop trail that is a little steep and rugged but not that difficult.  When I awoke the next morning I was stiff, swore and not really in the mood to take any photos.  But I, pressed on that day and by the end of that week I was still a little swore but felt good.  During that trip home and our conversations about the photo hikes that’s when that I decided . . . when I get home I’m going to start looking on line into activities that I could do to get my legs back into shape.  What I learned was it`s not just a single part of the body that needs work it`s my whole body that I should be taking care of.

Toning, muscle stretching and cardio for hiking.  So how can I do this without breaking the bank and buying a gym membership?  That route is just too expensive for me.  So here`s what I found on line aside from every Tom, Dick and Harry trying to sell you their latest and greatest workout routines or miracle wonder powder (REALLY!!!).  When you filter through the crap and the good health websites there were two that caught my eye that appeared over and over again.  So want a great cardio workout without a gym membership if you own a house with a basement or second floor you have a very exclusive membership to the stair climbing club.  Yes sirree bob you own quite an expensive stair climber there.  If you have bad knees then I would suggest purchase a bike it’s cheaper than a gym membership and it can get you to more places than a membership at a gym.  If you really start to enjoy riding you can even purchase a bike stand and continue to get a great cardio experience during the winter months.  So this was what I decided to do, use the stairs in my house, bought a bike and started on the road to becoming ”A Healthy Photographer”.

The Next Healthy Photographer Blog: All about easy workout routines and the all important next step proper eating.

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