So, our trip to the town of Sebastian was a lot of fun.  When we arrived, we sat in the car with the windows down looking over to the red Texaco station sign with the oil pump just to the right, and old rusted and beat up car sitting down stage right just in front of the sign.  I always wonder how do these random things that are sum what associated to each other wind up as this outstanding image just waiting to be captured.  Except for the noise of the car and trucks whooshing by on the interstate it was quiet and serene.  Then we stepped out of the truck.  It was like all hell broke loose.  The call was out, there where intruders on the land and everybody had to know.  The cattle calling was hilarious but what was really cool was after being there for about 10 minutes walking around taking shots, they figured out that we were no threat to them, so they all started to come towards the fence edge.

And of course, Karen made a new friend Fred the Donkey, stuffing him up with finest grass from the other side of the fence which he must have loved because he just keep eating it. Oh “Please sir can I have more” I’m sure was his mantra In Karen’s mind any way LMAO.  It was fun having the cows around well at least until they were blocking our shot of the old car and Texaco sign.  Since it was our first time to this location our timing really was not conducive to taking nice shots not exactly the best time of the day.  We were pretty much shooting into the sun.  I could have set my camera up to shoot in a bracketed format this way I can get three different shots of the same image one over, one under and the last one is a proper exposer then I can put the image that I want together in post editing.  But I decided at that moment that it was time to just enjoy the moment get an idea of what I want to shoot when we come back.  Now that I have been there, I know  we have to be there in the morning to get that nice soft light behind us.  Our subject is east facing so we have up to 11:30am at the latest.  That trip will be coming up soon with a video and I think we will show how we set up what shutter speeds we use and all the other stuff to get the shots we want.  If you have any questions please feel to post them in the comments section below or send us an email and we will answer your questions during the video shoot or get back to you personally.  So, we wish you all the best thanks for popping in to read our blog.   Link below is some of my quick shoots from the framers field and our trip to a market just outside of the town of Sebastian.   We have also created our own YouTube Channel where you can see our vlogs.  Click the YouTube link to see our latest vlog.  Talk again soon

Day Shoot Sebastian


Cheers From

Rob and Karen