These are sample images of what to expect when you place your canvas order with

Click on Your Photo On Canvas above and locate “Shop Now Canvas Orders” click and once you arrive on the order page click “Canvas Orders Start Here”

This will activate your email client to send your request. You should see something like this below. Make sure to indicate “What size canvas” you wish to print.


After you have sent your email feel free view the photographic art available on our website.

Once we receive your email we will send you a file request that looks like this see below.


Now click on “Upload files”

This link will take you to our company image upload hub. See below.


Select “Choose from computer” this will open the file system on your computer so that you can select the image you wish to have printed on canvas.


Now simply select your image and double click the left mouse botton or single click the left mouse button on the “Open” button in the bottom right side of the file window that is on your screen.  This will now take you to image upload page.  See below.

Please note: All files uploaded to your Dropbox can not be larger then 20 GB.  


Here you will see your image file name and the image size please confrim that you have uploaded the correct image.  Now click “Upload” .  Depending on your internet service provider upload times will vary. Please do not click anywhere on the upload screen once the upload begins! When the upload is completed you will see this new page.


Thats it and you are all done.

We will send you an email to confirm we have received your image along with the size you wish to have printed.  This email will also include the link to our secure shopping cart so you may complete your purchase.  Please note that canvas printing can not be placed into the print que until you complete the payment process.  Should you require any assistance we are a phone call away.