Ok so like here is the deal.  So its been almost a  year of reflection since the passing of my daughter.  No way to describe the pain but it’s what you do to recover and truly move forward.  My life moto has always been to do what makes you happy regardless of what others say.  Photography and writing have been my healing, more writing than photography as of late.  Yep decided to write a children’s story and of course one of the characters is named Hayley.  Working with a good friend and a great artist Tina G to help with image production of the four characters our web site to follow very soon.

That was a good healing process but now it’s time to get back to snapping shots.  My business partner and wife Karen and I have taken the biggest leap of faith of our lives.  We both said yep f_ _k it lets hit the road full-time enjoy life and explore our craft.  So, I sold off all my framing equipment said good bye to my clients and closed the doors to my framing company after 28 years.  Karen retired from her position working in HR and as of November we sold our house upgraded our 30 foot RV and hope to hit the road and head south after Christmas.

Today is the first day after all the BS of moving stuff into storage packing the RV helping our son get settled.  Seriously 3 freakin weeks of this and now we are camped out in downtown Toronto until after Christmas.  Here’s the kicker for me I have been wanting to shoot this area of the city for years and just by chance we lucked out and rented a condo right in the exact place that I have been wanting to shoot.  Hell yes I lost it when we pulled up to the condo we are renting and I saw where we were.

Ok that’s enough blah blah blah.  Starting Friday cause yes we needed some bloody downtime, I’m out and about in Downtown T.O and will be posting images, creating a photographic and video diary of my adventures right up until we leave for the south.  So join me and let me know where are some of your favourite spots in T.O if you shoot, where is your place to go, where do you like to hang out in the big smoke.  I’m stoked to be here and look forward to any and all input CHEERS to all and to all a great night.

Shot above from our new temporary home.